Art of Conversation
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Art of Conversation 3.0

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Instructor: Prakhar Gupta

Language: Hinglish

Enrolled Learners: 4543

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The journey so far


It all started with a goal- to help people get better at expressing themselves.


When we had launched the Art of Conversation, it was a set of value-packed video lessons that brought a single point framework upon which all the best conversations operate. 

But just a self paced course wasn't enough. We received much feedback saying we must demonstrate these concepts into practice. So, to help you guys get a better grasp of the concepts, we introduced breakdown examples of a variety of conversation scenerios from real life. 

Soon, we came up with LIVE interactive classes. People could ask their very specific questions directly to Prakhar, interact with each other, and have an immersed learning experience for the first time. 

Something was still missing. People learned the concepts properly but they still had a bit of hesitation when it came to applying them directly in the real world. Of course, the consequences can be unfavorable if what they applied turned out to be too bad. So, to make it easy for them to apply what they learned without any hesitation or fear, we gave them a private practice ground.


Our students met each other, collaborated, and became friends with other amazing, like-minded people. Everybody had a common goal; help each other get better at conversations. So they engaged in one-on-one and group conversations, took what they had learned from concepts, and turned them into actionable techniques.

Art of Conversation 3.0

What started as a simple self-paced online course has now become a full-fledged program with exercises, LIVE interactive classes, Q&A sessions, access to our private discord community for practicing & networking, with an entire year’s subscription. 

The Art of Conversation teaches you everything you need to succeed at having great conversations.

Be a part of this exciting, continuous learning program. 

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